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As you're guided through mindful meditation techniques you’ll receive reiki ENERGY to HEAL your mind & spirit.

Take up SPACE as you flow through pilates & dance movement patterns to ALIGN your body & soul.

Photography by: Molly McGee

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Your ENERGY SPACE ® is a subtle physical sphere that influences the world around you as well as yourself!

ENERGY cannot exist without SPACE


ENERGY teaches us to better understand our power - how it relates to the universe & how it may have an influence within it.

SPACE teaches us that we are much bigger on the inside than we appear to be on the outside.  It's everywhere, around & inside everything, & as a force within nature, it connects all things together.

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Sue Compton
"I am new to meditation & have very much enjoyed working with Shelby as I bring this practice into my overall wellness journey. Shelby's voice is very calming & soothing. I enjoy doing a different type of meditation each session. She provides information about the meditation prior to each session that, as a beginner, helps me to better understand what to expect, what we will be doing, & why, which has further enriched the experience for me."
Kelly Newell 
"After one session with Shelby I felt a deeper connection to my core as well as more stability in my pelvis & lumbar spine. She really listened to my needs & gave me the tools to succeed. I felt challenged during my session & left feeling better connected to my body both physically & mentally."
Jessica Taylor 
"Shelby is an incredibly versatile & passionate practitioner.  Her knowledge in Pilates, dance, meditation & Reiki gives her a well-rounded perspective in her classes & meditation sessions that provides a safe SPACE for all.  She helps to teach on loving the body & listening to it in her movement practices, which I very much appreciate.  Her nurturing presence is calming and supportive & she brings the mind, body & spirit into one container for everyone to receive balanced healing.  I would highly recommend working with Shelby!"
Emilee Morton
"I’ve been doing virtual Reiki ENERGY Healing with Shelby for some months now & find myself feeling more grounded after every session. At first, I was skeptical about doing ENERGY work virtually, but it has helped build my awareness & has promoted a regular meditation practice into my life. I highly recommend working with Shelby. Her ENERGY & personality lend itself to a fabulous experience every time! "
Christine Kardell 
“Shelby gave me a wonderful Pilates session. She was knowledgeable, patient, thorough, & very passionate about her work.  She approached each exercise with humor & kindness.  I highly recommend Shelby to anyone interested in a well-rounded Pilates workout.”
Erin Elise Bridwell Leslie
"Love working with Shelby at ENERGY SPACE! There is no better person to help guide you in finding SPACE & peace. Shelby offers a variety of services & every single one is done with compassion. After a long week, Shelby's guided meditation helps me to recenter - I feel more open & relaxed. I highly recommend working with ENERGY SPACE for your own growth & alignment."
Andrea Wood
"Classes with Shelby leave me feeling both energized & relaxed. She pulls from aspects of dance, Pilates, & meditation to create classes that are beneficial for building strength as well as releasing stress & tension. I am always grateful for opportunities to practice with her & love taking her classes!"
Ashley Ivy
"Over the past year, Shelby has worked intensively with my daughter building her strength & stamina through dance. She did lessons with her weekly & then bi-weekly. My daughter enjoyed working with her & Shelby always pushed her to do better. During that time my daughter progressed in her dancing & showed improvement in her strength. More than that, she grew in her confidence & truly looked forward to their sessions (just not the homework, haha!)  We are grateful for all of the time & effort she put in!"
Stacey Williams
"We were fortunate to meet Ms. Shelby when we did! My daughter’s experience with her has been very memorable & productive. My daughter was recovering from a knee injury & Ms. Shelby met her where she was & continues to build on that. She has built a great relationship with her & we plan to continue working with her!"
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