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How was ENERGY SPACE ® created?
Everything is Connected

Movement is a language of its own.

It forms an inner as well as an outer expression of SPACE.

That SPACE defines the journey of life & it has given me the freedom to be myself.

Whether I knew it or not, ENERGY has always been a big part of my life.

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I began training to be a dancer at a very young age - experiencing both joy & pain. I've suffered numerous recurring injuries spanning my adolescence into adulthood. Never allowing myself time to heal, I pushed myself to work through the pain & struggled with body dysmorphia.

I became depressed & stepped back from dancing to do some soul-searching, which coincided with the pandemic in 2020. Slowing down allowed me SPACE to feel my pain & find joy - in doing so I was given the opportunity to begin healing.

It's all about connections!

Dancing in my adolescent years at COCA (Center of Creative Arts),

I met two influential people who became my mentors; 


Lee Nolting

Founder of COCAdance


Jessica Taylor

COCAdance Alumni

Founder of The Ground Collective & Balanced Consciousness


Ms. Lee imprinted her legacy on my soul from adolescence into adulthood. I always visited her when I returned to town during holidays & summer breaks. Sadly now that she has passed, I carry her torch of change with me as I teach the next generation of artists. Like her, I hope to guide all human beings to find joy in movement!


Jessica & I reconnected later in my adulthood - she inspired me to forge the path I am currently on today.


I received several life changing certifications:

Certified Pilates Instructor

Pilates Method Alliance

The Ground Collective

St. Louis City Fitness

Studio Ivanhoe Pilates & Movement 


Certified Reiki Master Practitioner

Usui Holy Fire® III 

The Ground Collective

Balanced Consciousness


Certified Meditation Practitioner

YogaMu (International)

With the tools my mentors instilled in me, I am able to better understand myself as well as how I can help others. Being a student of life has taught me that I'm still learning how to heal myself. It's about the journey, not the destination.


I've learned to stop apologizing for being ME.

No one else can be you, each of us has a purpose in this world.

We all have a unique ENERGY & we are meant to take up SPACE.

Everything is connected through ENERGY - life is a spiral in which you return to lessons over & over until you get it! I’m finally healing & aligning my ENERGY SPACE ® so that I may be of service to others on this journey of life! 

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Meet the Founder & Creator
Shelby Paige Glidden

Photo Credit: Russo Photography & DPU Dance

Shelby grew up in the St. Louis dance community. She began pre-professional dance training under the direction of Lee Nolting and Alicia Graf Mack at the Center of Creative Arts. As a member of COCAdance she worked with Cecil Slaughter, Kate Skarpetowska, Jon Lehrer, Darrel Grand Moultrie as well as Emily and Matt Kent of Pilobolus. She studied further at NYU’s Tisch Summer Residency Festival (Repertoire by Robert Battle, Gina Gibney, and Ronald K. Brown), Earl Mosley’s Institute of the Arts (Repertoire by Kevin Wynn, Robin Dunn, Marlena Wolfe and Alenka Cizmesija), Alvin Ailey Professional Summer Intensive (Repertoire by Kirven Douthit-Boyd and Sonia Dawkins), and Complexions Professional Summer Intensive (Repertoire by Dwight Rhoden, Desmond Richardson and Jae Man Joo). 


Graduating with honors and a BFA in Modern Performance from the University of the Arts, she received the Stella Moore Prize for Four Years of Achievement and the Philadelphia Ballet Choreography Award. Shelby was a jazz instructor for the Pre-College Festival at UArts and rehearsal assistant for Hope Boykin, Mark Caserta, Meredith Rainey, and Gary Jeter. She danced professionally as a principal company member of Eleone Dance Theatre as well as a guest artist with both Waheed Works and DanceSpora in Philadelphia. 


Shelby's the Founder & Creator ENERGY SPACE ® - a hybrid wellness center where she guides people along their journey to HEAL & ALIGN the connection between the body, mind, soul & spirit. As a traveling Teaching Artist, she instructs trainees in the Saint Louis Ballet Professional Training Program in Chesterfield as well as the DPU Company at Dance Productions Unlimited in Arnold as the Head of the Modern Department. She’s a Certified Pilates Instructor at Studio Ivanhoe in Lindenwood Park and at St. Louis City Fitness in Brentwood where she's also the Media Marketing Manager. She’s an internationally certified Meditation Teacher specializing in Pranayama and Third Eye Awakening Techniques as well as an Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Practitioner.

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